Win Back an Ex - Dos and Don'ts

Looking for ways to win back an ex after a break-up? This is the time to be extra careful and avoid common mistakes people tend to do after separation. Remember - a couple of wrong moves and your ex will run from you even further!

Here are some things you should and you should not do if you wish to win back an ex.


• Run after your ex.

Either personally or through emails and sms, or a common friend - do not chase your ex. The harder you try the further you will drive him/her away.

• Let depression take control over you.

Things might be pretty bad in your personal life right now, but depression can affect your professional life as well as health and looks. Therefore, do not let it spoil things even more.

• Isolate yourself from outer world.

By self-imprisoning you will not win back an ex. This will only aggravate your depression. Do not skip gym, do not neglect your hobbies, do not refuse a short trip along with friends... life goes on.


• Take a time-out to reflect.

Without focusing on who was right and who was wrong, try and analyze your relationship and break-up reasons. Attempt stepping into your ex's shoes and look at the situation from a different angle. If you know where your relationship failed, you will know how to win back an ex and eliminate the same mistakes in future.

• Always stay occupied.

Staying busy and continuing your normal lifestyle is the key to battle the depression. If you do not have a hobby, get yourself one. Go shopping with friends and spoil yourself with a nice purchase. Do anything to make yourself feel better, except for indulging in bad habits.

• Be friendly with your ex.

To win back an ex, you have to become friends with him/her again. Do not rush things, but let your ex partner know you do not hold any bad feelings against him/her. Once bitterness between you two is eliminated, you will see how easy it is to be friends... and slowly take your friendship to the new level.

Of course, there is a lot more things to do and not to do on the way to getting your love back into your life. Learning some surefire tricks and techniques of attracting his/her attention will help you win back an ex even if he/she is already dating somebody.

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